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About Bot99 And Me

My name is Ali Abdelkader , a Tunisian programmer and online entrepreneur Studying Computer Sciences in a Russian University.

I spent many years making websites and trying to live a Dot Com Life to get rich Online till i saw a quote that changed how i think about internet marketing and life

You will get all you want in life , if you help enough other people get what they want.

At that day i realized the majority of successful people are offering services of real value . They are not just trying to make a quick buck by ranking poor quality websites.

So On July 2016 I began my journey to help as many people grow their online business as possible in the hope that i turn my own online business will grow with theirs.

So , What is Bot99  , Since The 2nd Of July 2016 i used to create bots and softwares that works automatically to help marketers to achieve some tasks that takes a lot of time totally on autopilot , here , you will find a lot of valuable tools that you will Love♥ a lot , I believe that Bot99 can be the first Marketing Automation Bot Community in the internet world .