Run your Bots on our Windows VPS!

You can have access to a BOT99 VPS that allows you to keep running your Bot(s)/Software(s)  24/7 on our virtual servers from anywhere in the world. Leaving your computer on can be a risk: power surges or cuts, Internet connection dropping, problems with the machine itself! Our VPS is the solution letting you get on with your life secure in the knowledge your Bots are on in the way you planned.

We can install any software on your BOT99 VPS for FREE! We take care of everything, we configure the VPS and set up the software(s) you need. Then, we provide you with the information to access it via a Remote Desktop Connection Application. After, you just have to start your software, and you are into the world of Automation!

As professional programmers, engineers and administrators and aside from providing an exclusive VPS fully dedicated to betting business, we also help users with questions or the use of the software(s) hosted that other hosts turn down as beyond their scope. Compared with others we at Bot99 are specialists, focused solely on Botting and hosting and at your service.

Included in our VPS a free ANTIVIRUS solution* (Microsoft Security Essentials), installed and configured free of charge by our Technical Team .

Note that Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iPhone users can also access to our VPS via a Remote Desktop App.

Got some questions, doubts or worries? Do not hesitate to contact our support. We’ll answer fully and set your mind at ease instantly  from here.