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Hey fellow Bot99 , this is Ali ! The creator and developer of Bot99 Community. I develop free automated windows software to help with your online marketing needs.

By way of background, I started Bot99 with the hope and intent to help people succeed by having affordable software without astronomical software/license fees or update charges. At the time I started Bot99 , I was already building my own applications for all my online marketing needs and thought this would also be a great service to offer other people with similar goals.

I longed believed, I should offer free lifetime licenses with my software . This model did provide me with a good starting point and I did get a lot of users coming in. I believed having this business model would be the best way for me to get my software out to people who are just like me i.e., marketers and people trying to make money online. However and much to my dismay, I failed to take into account several factors, i.e., the number of customers I accumulated over the course of 3 years, the amount of software I would be creating and lastly, the amount of updates needed to be done for each piece of software on a consistent basis including business upkeep costs such as; servers, hosting, domains, vps, certificates, etc.).

I have spent the past 3 years on Bot99 and have been making great progress along the way. Over these years Bot99 has had some amazing new software and breakthroughs, a ton of updates, failures, and down times. Through all of these experiences I have built software that has enabled people to leave their 9-5’s, spend time with loved ones, and most of all their enjoy life.

While Bot99 has been impactful for a lot of users, I have not been able to receive additional funding despite my consistent efforts. With this said, it saddens me that a lot of users are sending me an enormous amount of positive feedback about the software and about how much it has changed their lives, yet I am not repeating the monetary rewards. The true magic of Bot99 is it’s users and updates. Updates involve a lot of consistent time and dedication during the debugging process and I hope to update all of my software for as long as I possibly can because I not only know what it did for myself but also others.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well as i mentioned in the About us page , i’m a Tunisian student in a Russian University , i live very far of my family and i’m making money based on this community , so , to keep Bot99 up and running and going full steam ahead with updates as well as new software, I need to make a minimum of $500 per month to cover costs for my servers, email services, applications, and company maintenance.

The goal is to raise the support of $500 per month from the Bot99 community to keep This Platform going full steam ahead.

Thank you Bot99 users . I will be sure to keep you updated on all of the progress!