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Youtube Marketer Pro updated version for 2019

Youtube Marketer Pro I bought lifetime version, can you send me the updated version of Youtube Marketer Pro it says lifetime update is free. Thanks no one been reaching me by email

edited, I want to say that this company really stand by their words, I contacted them by live chat and explained my situation, and they gave me updates for both software, and explained to me that Ali who was the guy I bought the software from is no longer with the company, he is out of business, and the new company has taken over, and they stand behind their word, I have received updated versions for both software, and I even bought another software from them, the facebook auto poster, I can tell you this company is 100% and you can take their word for it , I am very satisfied and happy with this company, I recommend this company to everybody and their response by live chat was instant , and the emails back was instant under 24 hours .

i am very pleased with this company!

thank you guys