Refund Policy

It is the responsibility of each visitor/user/prospect/customer to review all terms and conditions, policy and procedures, and/or legal documents prior to making a purchase, not after. We are not responsible should an individual through failure or neglect decide not to do so as we have made this document and others available to be viewed by all visitors to our site beforehand.
Our products once purchased are non-refundable and returns are not accepted as these are digital products and resources that once given access to are consider property of the purchaser.

That means that if you make a purchase you are purchasing knowing that there are “NO REFUNDS” once a payment has been made. However, we will allow you the right to exchange one product for another if this is done within the first 7 days of your purchase as long as the product that it is being exchanged in place of the original product that was purchased is of equal or lesser value of the original product.
We do reserve the right to issue a refund if the product is not working as long as we are notified within 7 days of the product being purchased and that we can verify that it is indeed an error within the software that is causing the software to not work and not human error due to the customer not following instructions or an error due to the customers computer.

The the only way that we will verify this is by the customer providing us a video of the issue showing from the time the software is opened, up to the point where the error occurs. This can be done very easily through a free software platform called Jing which records the computer screen and it not difficult to setup (total time to download and setup is about 5 minutes prior to using) –

A second free software platform also that records your computer screen that can accomplish the same thing is called Screencast-O-Matic ( Lastly, this can also be done by providing us with a link to a YouTube video that you uploaded showing the issue. Once you have recorded the video with either of the free services just mentioned you can either forward us the video or upload it to YouTube and provide us the link to the video. After receiving and viewing the video we will determine what the next steps should be and move forward from there.

Note: There are “NO REFUNDS” given or considered for any reason after 7 days of the purchase being made. “NO EXCEPTIONS”.

You understand and agree that all correspondence is done only through our support center and that there is no other way to contact us.

By making a purchase you are doing so agreeing that you understand this and should a dispute or charge back be filed with a credit card company or payment processor this exact agreement will be forwarded to them. If you do not agree with this policy do not purchase. Should a dispute or charge back be filed your license key(s) will immediately be disabled until the charge back or dispute is resolved.

However please note: All software has been tested on multiple platforms and Windows operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) prior to the software being released. is not responsible for computers that are outdated, slow because of too many installed programs, lack of system resources, or slow Internet connection. You also understand that when purchasing our software that it works on only the following operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and works on Macs only when using a program such as Parallels.

Due to the operating system requirements being posted on every sales page as well as on this very page we are not responsible if you make a purchase under the assumption that our software tools will work on any other operating system besides the one’s mentioned which are (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10).

We are also not responsible and there will be “NO REFUNDS” should a person as they would say accidentally makes a purchase of one of or more of our software products as there are too many steps in the process of making a purchase for it to be done by accident. Prior to a purchase being made you are provided several options to decline moving forward, which means that you have to confirm that you want to proceed forward to make the purchase which is no accident. This has become a tactic used by BlackHat marketers to see if they can gain access to our software for free to only find out that that it requires a license key to activate and use it. Therefore, once the individual discovers that they can not acquire access to the software for free and that they will actually have to keep the software they immediately request a refund within the first 5 minutes after purchasing providing multiple reasons (excuses) to acquire a refund. This tactic was pointed out to us which was listed on a very popular BlackHat website that is being used with various vendors, but it will not work here.

As a software development company we have created and developed several products for our customers and we understand that everyone’s computer is different to include the programs and antivirus software’s that are installed on them. Due to the fact that we can not control what programs or antivirus software programs are installed on a customers computer we are not responsible for false positives that may show up due to a setting within the antivirus program. We can assure you that out of the thousands of customers that have purchased our software products that not one customer has ever received malware or a virus from any of our software tools. We take pride in delivering the very best products available and test all of our software prior to releasing them and prior to all updates.

We are responsible for keeping the software tools updated and should we be notified of any of our software tools that need to be updated as sometimes these changes can be made to a platform at anytime this will be done within 7 days of first being notified (usually within 24 hours if done during the weekdays). We are not responsible if a web platform that one of our software tools is built upon should decide to change their Terms of Service or alter their platform in such a way that makes it not possible for the software to function or allow for us to update the software as this is something that we can not control. We will make every attempt to ensure that we have exhausted all resources before we make the decision that it is not possible, but if it is not possible we will notify our customers of this decision.

We are not responsible for installing any of the software tools on your computer as there are step by step video tutorials that guide you through this process. If for some reason you have any issues with regards to watching videos or comprehending content delivered in this format we ask that you reconsider purchasing as all of the content is delivered in video format in (US) English only.

Every customer is 100% responsible for how they use the software tool(s) that they purchase. We will not be held liable for misuse, abuse, or excessive use of any software tool that results in loss or termination of an account, suspension of an account, restriction of an account, or any penalty accessed against you as the user due to your activity.

We reserve the right at anytime for any reason to charge customers $2.00 per license key that we have to retrieve to include a customer losing it, misplacing it, or not saving it in a secure place. It is the customers responsibility once they receive access to the license details for the software product that they purchased to store that information in a safe place that they always have access to.

As an affiliate it is your responsibility to use the correct affiliate link for each product that you are promoting. Should this not happen and commissions are not paid to you for failure to use the correct affiliate link when instructions are provided we will not be responsible and no commissions will be paid.

Should you decide to make a purchase of one or more of our products and not to use the product(s) that you purchased that is a personal decision and doesn’t involve us and a refund will not be issued. If you purchase a product or service from us and do not make any money that again doesn’t involve us and a refund will not be issued as we have no control over how you market or what you market. These are just tools to assist you and automating processes that would normally take a lot longer if done manually, which means that there is no guarantee that our software tools will or will not make you money. There is no reference anywhere on our site or in any video on this site that you are guaranteed to make money as a result of using our software tools. Making money online is a skill set and it is the responsibility of each user to have a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to this, it is not the responsibility of the software to make up for what a user doesn’t have as the software is only as effective as the user’s skill set.

If you are an affiliate promoting our products and you are giving away bonuses as a way to attract potential customers to purchase through your referral link so that you can earn a commission, you need to deliver on what you stated if a purchase is made through your referral link. It is not our responsibility to provide bonuses that you have promised and we will not be held responsible. If you are providing bonuses to reward potential customers that decide to purchase through your referral link, you need to provide a way for them to contact you to receive the bonus that was promised. This should not be hard for the referral to find and it should clearly explain everything so that there are no questions and it should also outline that this is not something that we provide to them and that they can only receive the bonus from you.

Any attempt to defame or use malicious intent deter non customers or potential new customers from purchasing our products due to untrue statements or false claims about our products not supported by any facts or proof (only your opinion) may result in legal action being taken against you.

Chargebacks & Payments :
Client permanently and irrevocably waives any and all right to enact a ‘chargeback’ (that is, a disputed, reversed or contested charge with the applicable bank, credit card or charge card) against these payments for any reason whatsoever against, it’s staff, members, or admin.

Again by making a purchase you are doing so agreeing that you understand this and should a dispute or charge back be filed with a credit card company or payment processor this exact agreement will be forwarded to them. If you do not agree with this policy do not purchase. It is the responsibility of each buyer to read the terms and conditions provided prior to making a purchase.